For right now, this discography is focused on music where Ben was the leader, so no Incubus or The Roots stuff here. Also threw in some Ashley Mendel stuff in here since Ben played on his records and even recorded them in his house. Plus I'm the webmaster and I can do what I want haha.

There are links all over this page. Some will direct you where you can buy/download it legally, some just link to youtube videos since it's nowhere else on the internet. I'll let you figure that out; basically click on anything that sounds interesting to you. For the webpages that have a black background and have the little .mp3 player, just right click anywhere in the page and select "save as" and you can download the song. If any links go dead, feel free to contact me on the "Keep In Touch" page.


Norma & Thurselle

Norma & Thurselle album cover


1. Only
2. My Half
3. The Anthem
4. Pullback
5. Everyone Is Always
6. Fallen Self
7. Watch
8. In Denial
9. Someone Else
10. Sticker
11. Go Away
13. 50 - 50
14. Sunday
15. Sunday Pt. 2
16. Everyone Is Always Pt.2


Songs 1,4,6,7,10,11,13,14,15 all instruments and vocals are written, played and produced by Chuck Treece.
Songs 2,3,5,8,9,12,13,16 all instruments and vocals are written, played and produced by Ben Kenney.

Track 5: Chuck Treece on drums & second guitar solo.
Track 10: Tommy Guerrero on bass
Track 14: Ben Kenney on drums, guitar, vocals, percussion. Chuck Treece on bass, guitar, vocals.

Mastered by Chuck Treece and Arik Victor.
Artwork by Ben Kenney.
Packaging designed by Alex Kane.

Tracks 15 and 16 are unnamed hidden tracks. 15 was later released on the Mcrad (who Chuck Treece is the frontman of)/Frontside Five split "50/50 Split" under the name "Sunday," which is the name of track 14 as well, implying they are one song rather than two. 16 is an extended instrumental version of the outro to "Everyone Is Always."

Making Decisions About Punk

Making Decisions About Punk album cover


25. My Half


Label: Gooseneck Records


Communicator album cover


1. 28 Days
2. I'll Take Forever
3. September
4. Keep In Touch
5. When We Dance
6. Never A Time
7. I'm Coming
8. Kiss My Ass
9. Submerged
10. Gimme A Call
11. Groups Of Three
12. Inside
13. Amazing... (w/ hidden track "Outside")

Bonus Tracks:
When She Says
Inside (Live)


All music and lyrics written, performed, and recorded by Ben Kenney. Released in 1997.

Supergrub/The Unmarked Cars Split EP

Supergrub/Unmarked Cars Split EP cover


3. Building The Bridge
4. Destitute


Release Date: 1998
Label: 215 Records
Recording: The Garage, Brielle, New Jersey

Streets of Philidelphia

Streets of Philidelphia album cover


16. Building The Bridge


Release Date: 1998
Label: Wonka Vision Records

Sub-Terrestrial Sensations

Sub-Terrestrial Sensations album cover


14. Right Now I...


Release Date: 2000


Challenger album cover


1. One
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four
5. Five (Pho-75)
6. Six
7. Seven
8. Eight
9. Nine
10. Ten
11. Eleven
12. Tweleve
13. Thirteen
14. Fourteen (Foster)
15. Fifteen
16. Sixteen
17. Seventeen
18. Eighteen
19. Nineteen

Bonus Tracks:
Fourteen (acoustic) also known as "Foster" or "Foster Fool"


Ben Kenney: Vocals, guitar, drums
Chris Shar: Bass
Joe None: Backing vocals on track 1
Ted Kenney: Backing vocals on track 7
Q: Backing vocals on track 15

The Division Group

The Apples and Oranges EP


1. Truly
2. Gravity
3. Roses
4. Retrograde
5. Fall From Grace

Bonus Tracks:
And How Are You
Finding Happiness Within Impending Doom
Allison 2 (Instrumental Jam)
10.22.02 (Instrumental Jam)
3.26.03 (Instrumental Jam)


Release Date: Apr 21, 2003
Ben Kenney: Guitar and vocals
Chris Shar: Bass
Ashley Mendel: Drums
Tracy Moore: Guest vocals on track 3

Ben Kenney


26 album cover


1. Breathe
2. Hoopdie
3. 4.2.3
4. Andrea's Asleep
5. Creme
6. You Won't Like The Sound
7. So Hard
8. Mr. Spader, I Presume
9. Empty Handed

Bonus Track:
July Is Short (Instrumental Reggae Jam)


Released: December 1, 2004
All songs performed, recorded, and produced by Ben Kenney


Maduro album cover


1. Wrong
2. Inside Pt. 2
3. Skyscraper
4. Nigeria
5. The Ether
6. Nepenthe
7. Conception And The Funeral
8. It's Not Too Late
9. How Would You Know
10. Girl
11. The Moment

Bonus Track:
How Would You Know and Inside Pt. 2 (acoustic)


Released: March 1, 2006
All songs performed, recorded, and produced by Ben Kenney

Distance & Comfort

Distance & Comfort album cover


1. Not Today
2. Get It To Go
3. 18th Avenue
4. Eulogy
5. Walking
6. When We Are Both Cats
7. Implants
8. Fluorescent Yellow
9. Some Days Are Better Than Others
10. Comfort

Bonus Tracks:
Little Yellow (acoustic version of Fluorescent Yellow)
Nutt Today (groovy version of Not Today)


Released: January 15, 2008
All songs performed, recorded, and produced by Ben Kenney

Burn The Tapes

Burn The Tapes album cover


1. Beard Of Bees
2. Homes
3. Heemtro
4. Aftertouch
5. Rubber Sheets
6. The Kibosh
7. Worlds Collide
8. Ishmael
9. Habit
10. Go!

Bonus Tracks:
Get Time (b-side)
Joint Custody (instrumental track from DVD)


Track 9: Backing Vocals – Irene Lambers
Released: October 1, 2010
All songs performed, recorded, and produced by Ben Kenney

Leave On Your Makeup [EP]

Leave On Your Makeup album cover


1. You
2. Concord
3. Leave On Your Makeup
4. New Amsterdam
5. I'll Be Outside (featuring Brandon Boyd and Kaki King on vocals)
6. Let's Be Honest


Release Date: September 17, 2013
All songs performed, recorded, and produced by Ben Kenney

Must Be Nice

Must Be Nice cover


1. Over Me
2. No Lives
3. Red Hots
4. Blue Tint
5. Heavy
6. Turned Out
7. The Flying Nurse
8. Sidereal


Release Date: December 25, 2019
All songs performed, recorded, and produced by Ben Kenney
Mastered by Brad Blackwood

Various Songs


New cover


"This is a demo for a Division Group song called "New". This song was written by Ashley Mendel. Ashley Mendel and Kevin Rheault played guitars, Neal Evans played Bass Keys and Keyboards. I played drums and sang."

Drugs and Cars

Drugs and Cars cover


Released December 22 2011
"This is a demo I recorded for my 2010 solo album "Burn The Tapes". I never wrote words for it so it remains an instrumental. "Drugs and Cars" in the metaphorical sense. For my twitter peeps keeping me company tonight."


(I Drink For A Reason)

I.D.F.A.R. cover


Thomas Erak, Ben Kenney, and Ashley Mendel
Release Date: Dec 11, 2011
Guitars and first vocals: Thomas Erak (of The Fall of Troy and Just Like Vinyl)
Drums and second vocals: Ben Kenney
Bass and third vocals: Ashley Mendel
Written in December of 2010, released a year later

Leave On Your Makeup (OOT)

Leave on Your Makeup cover


"I did this jam in what we call "One Take Theater", everything done in one shot (except I did the guitar three times before I got it right). This is one of my favorite songs to practice so it's perfect for the OTT treatment. I hope you dig it."

Me and Monica

Me and Monica cover


Release Date: June 26 2016
Written, performed and recorded by Ben Kenney at the Garage.
Speaking part by C. Lavigne.
Notes: Recorded in 2013


Friends cover


Release Date: June 29 2016
Written, performed and recorded by Ben Kenney at the Garage.
Notes: Recorded in 2014


Breathe cover


Recorded Live at the Walnut Room in Denver, Colorado November 21, 2008.
Guitar, Vocals: Ben Kenney
Bass, Vocals: Ashley Mendel
Drums: Sekou Lumumba

Ashley Mendel

Auto Reverse or Rewind

Auto Reverse of Rewind album cover


1. Let Me Know
2. Distress!
3. Shoulda
4. Natty Ice
5. Autoreverse
6. The Definites
7. Company
8. Meanwhile...
9. Force of Habit
10. Sleep It Off


Released August 1, 2009

Sorry To Say

Sorry to Say album cover


1. Company
2. Getting Around
3. Hello To Home
4. The Difference
5. Best Behavior
6. The Incident
7. Perfume
8. Warm + Reassured
9. When We're Better
10. No


Released September 4, 2012
Made by Ashley Mendel
Additional Mixing by Ben Kenney, Gordon Raphael, and John Gallo
Master by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters
Thanks to Ben Kenney and Joel Shearer for letting me make noise in their respective studios