So why does this website exist?

If you're here, you probably already know who Ben Kenney is, so he needs no introduction. This is just my fan site where I collect all the information and music I've found scattered all over the internet. I felt like it was necessary for there to be some kind of centralized place for info since I had spent so much time myself trying to track down these incredibly rare CD's and info. So now this exists, and hopefully I've saved you a ton of time.

Please be patient as I slowly flesh this website out, and as you can see, it's still rough around the edges as I try to add functionally and content as I have the time to. I just wanted to get this up asap, even it its unfinished state, just so something is out there since the original site has been down for a while.

Hopefully when I do get around to finishing this site, it'll be the central place for fans to get their info on one of my favorite musicians, and one of the kindest humans I've ever met.

Feel free to email me in the "keep in touch" section of the site about any mistakes or info you'd like to add and I'll give you credit.

So, first off...

Go download all his solo albums off his website for free! And as they're downloading, you can watch his movie Burn the Tapes,‚Äč which is a great introduction to his music. It also gives you a little history and insight into who he is as a person. Afterwards, you can pan for all the little nuggets of data I've scattered across this site.